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Welcome to the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation! Noveltics Group is thrilled to invite you to the International Pharma Congress which is going to be held during November 18-19, 2024 at Dubai, UAE , where groundbreaking discoveries, transformative technologies, and visionary leaders converge to shape the future of healthcare.

At the Pharma Conference 2024, expect nothing less than excellence. Our carefully curated program features a diverse array of keynote speakers, plenary speakers, Young Researchers, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities designed to inspire, educate, and empower attendees. From cutting-edge research and development to regulatory updates and emerging technologies, our comprehensive agenda covers the latest trends and advancements shaping the future of pharmaceuticals

Connect with pharma industry pioneers, drug developers, pharma R&D experts, academic experts, regulatory authorities, and healthcare practitioners from around the world to exchange ideas, share insights, and forge partnerships that drive innovation and foster collaboration. Whether you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, expand your network, or gain practical insights to apply to your work, the Advanced Pharma Conference 2024 offers something for everyone. 

Join us as we explore the latest breakthroughs, share best practices, and chart the course for the future of healthcare. Together, we can unlock new possibilities, overcome challenges, and create a brighter, healthier future for all. 

Why To Attend? 

Cutting-edge Insights: Gain access to the latest trends, research findings, and advancements in pharmaceuticals. Our lineup of esteemed speakers comprises industry luminaries, renowned researchers, and thought leaders, offering invaluable insights that inspire and inform. 

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, pharma experts, and potential collaborators from around the globe. Forge meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for collaboration that transcend geographical boundaries. Interactive Sessions: Immerse yourself in dynamic pharma research topics, workshops, and panel discussions designed to spark creativity, provoke discussion, and challenge conventional thinking. Engage with fellow participants, share your perspectives, and contribute to the collective wisdom of the pharmaceutical industry

Exhibition Showcase: Explore an expansive exhibition featuring cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and groundbreaking solutions. Discover new avenues for pharmaceutical research, drug development technologies, and commercialization, and connect with leading drug suppliers, pharma manufacturing companies, and top pharma industry partners. 

Career Development: Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, the International Pharma Conference offers unparalleled opportunities for career development and growth. Gain valuable insights, expand your skill set, and chart your path to success in the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals. 

Global Perspective: Embrace diversity and inclusivity as you engage with a diverse community of stakeholders representing different regions, pharma sectors, and perspectives. Broaden your horizons, gain a global perspective, and harness the collective intelligence of an international audience. 

Innovation Showcase: Be inspired by groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare. From AI-driven drug discovery to personalized medicine and beyond, witness the future of pharmaceutical innovation firsthand and be part of the transformational journey. Thought Leadership: Join thought-provoking discussions on key issues shaping the pharmaceutical landscape, from regulatory challenges to ethical considerations, sustainability, and beyond. Contribute your insights, challenge assumptions, and help shape the future direction of the industry. 

Join us at the International Pharma Conference hosted by Noveltics Group and be part of a transformative experience that promises to redefine the boundaries of pharmaceutical innovation. Together, let's unlock the potential of science, technology, and collaboration to create a healthier, more sustainable future for all. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to be inspired. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting journey of discovery, exploration, and collaboration. See you at the International Pharma Conference

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50+ Great Speakers

Discover a constellation of brilliance with our curated selection of 50+ extraordinary speakers! From industry titans to influential thought leaders, these luminaries ignite inspiration and drive change across diverse arenas. Uncover groundbreaking insights from tech innovators, absorb wisdom from visionary leaders, and be moved by impassioned storytellers. Join this unparalleled gathering of minds as they share expertise, motivate change, and reshape the world with their unparalleled knowledge and visionary outlooks!

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15+ Keynote Speakers

Unveiling a cadre of 15+ exceptional keynote speakers, each a beacon of insight and inspiration! These thought leaders and visionaries bring diverse expertise, from cutting-edge tech to transformative leadership strategies. Engage with their captivating narratives, glean wisdom from their experiences, and absorb their visionary perspectives. Join this exclusive assembly of minds poised to ignite motivation, drive change, and chart new frontiers in innovation, leadership, and personal growth!

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10+ Workshops & Exhibitions

Embark on a dynamic journey with our array of 10+ immersive workshops and exhibitions! Dive into hands-on sessions led by industry experts, unlocking new skills and strategies in diverse fields. Explore interactive exhibits showcasing cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and groundbreaking ideas. Engage, learn, and network in these vibrant spaces, gaining invaluable insights and forging connections that inspire growth, innovation, and advancement across various industries!

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Organizing Committee Members

Inspiring minds, stirring change, and leaving an indelible mark—our notable speakers, your brilliance lit up our conference stage.

Kurt R. Karst

Kurt R. Karst

Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.
Maria Borrell

Maria Borrell

Institut de Recerca Sant Pau - Centre CERCA
Sergey V. Suchkov

Sergey V. Suchkov

Professor and Chair
The Russian University of Medicine
Uqbah bin Muhammad Iqbal

Uqbah bin Muhammad Iqbal

Founder & Managing Director
Pitas Agriculture in Sabah
Scientific Sessions
  • Novel Developments in Drug Delivery System
  • Drug Discovery and Screening
  • COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments
  • Gene and Cell Therapy Content
  • Formulation Development
  • Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology
  • Targeted Drug Delivery
  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Biomaterials in Drug Delivery
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Regulatory Affairs in Drug Development
  • DNA, Oligonucleotide, and siRNA Delivery
  • Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
  • Vaccine Delivery
  • Devices, Cells, Molecular Biology, and Materials Science
  • Drug Design
Key Takeaways
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics
  • Drug Delivery & Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy Practice Research
  • Regulatory Sciences & Quality
  • Latest Technologies & Innovations
  • Drug Discovery, Design & Development
  • Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
  • Pharmaceutical Development & Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Education & Practice
  • Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Design
  • Recent Advancements in Pharma
  • Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Clinical Research & Clinical Trials
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Business Development and Drug Storage
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceuticals
Who Can Attend..??
  • Pharmaceutical Researchers and Scientists
  • Pharmaceutical Executives
  • Regulatory Affairs Experts
  • Clinical Trial Specialists
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Marketers
  • Pharmacy Practitioners
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Control Professionals
  • Biotech and Biopharmaceutical Leaders
  • Pharmaceutical Academics
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors and Supply Chain Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Consultants
  • Patient Advocates and Representatives
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Stakeholders
Scientific Sessions
Session 01: Novel Developments in Drug Delivery System

Recent developments in drug delivery systems are revolutionizing healthcare. Innovations include nanotechnology-based carriers for targeted drug delivery, implantable devices for long-term medication release, and personalized drug delivery tailored to an individual's unique needs. Advanced oral and inhaled drug delivery methods enhance bioavailability and patient convenience, while gene and RNA therapies are delivered using specialized systems.

Session 02: Drug Discovery and Screening

Drug discovery and screening are pivotal processes in pharmaceutical research. These endeavors encompass various methodologies, including high-throughput screening, virtual screening, and phenotypic screening. Scientists also engage in target identification, hit-to-lead optimization, and structure-based drug design to create novel therapeutics. Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are aiding in data analysis and optimization.

Session 03: COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of remarkable scientific achievement. Rapid vaccine development, notably with mRNA technology, led to global vaccination campaigns. Ongoing research monitors vaccine variants and the necessity of booster shots. Meanwhile, the quest for therapeutic antiviral medications, such as monoclonal antibodies and antiviral agents, continues. Beyond science, efforts target vaccine hesitancy and equitable distribution.

Session 04: Gene and Cell Therapy Content

Gene and cell therapy represent cutting-edge medical frontiers with transformative potential. They encompass gene editing techniques like CRISPR-Cas9, which allow precise genetic modifications for treating genetic disorders and enhancing immune responses. CAR-T cell therapy revolutionizes cancer treatment by reprogramming a patient's own immune cells to target and destroy cancerous ones.

Session 05: Formulation Development

Formulation Development involves the systematic process of designing and optimizing the composition of a pharmaceutical product to ensure its effectiveness, stability, and safety. This multidisciplinary field encompasses the selection of drug substances, excipients, and manufacturing processes to create a dosage form that delivers the therapeutic agent to the patient in a safe, effective, and reproducible manner.

Session 06: Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology

Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology involve the application of nanoscale materials and devices in the field of medicine. This interdisciplinary field explores the use of nanoscale structures, such as nanoparticles, nanocarriers, and nanodevices, for diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive purposes in healthcare. It leverages unique properties at the nanoscale to enhance drug delivery, imaging, and diagnostics, enabling more targeted and efficient treatments.

Session 07: Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted Drug Delivery refers to the precise and controlled release of therapeutic agents to specific areas or cells within the body. This approach aims to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of drugs while minimizing side effects on healthy tissues. It involves the use of various drug delivery systems, such as nanoparticles, liposomes, or micelles, designed to carry and deliver drugs directly to the target site.

Session 08: Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Biopharmaceutics focuses on the physical and chemical properties of drugs, determining how they interact with our body's barriers like the stomach, intestines, and skin.

Pharmacokinetics, on the other hand, deals with the drug's fate once it enters the bloodstream. It tracks how the body handles the drug, including processes like distribution throughout tissues, metabolism (breakdown) in the liver, and excretion through urine or feces.

Session 09: Biomaterials in Drug Delivery

This field involves the design and application of materials that interact with biological systems to deliver therapeutic agents. Biomaterials play a crucial role in enhancing drug effectiveness, controlling release kinetics, and minimizing adverse effects. They can take various forms, such as nanoparticles, polymers, or hydrogels, providing a versatile platform for targeted and sustained drug delivery.

Session 10: Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine tailors medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. It involves understanding a patient's unique genetic, molecular, and clinical profile to optimize therapeutic outcomes. By analyzing a person's genetic makeup and other factors, healthcare providers can customize drug selection, dosage, and treatment strategies.

Session 11: Regulatory Affairs in Drug Development

Regulatory affairs in drug development involves navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and guidelines to ensure the successful development, approval, and market entry of pharmaceutical products. Professionals in this field play a crucial role in liaising between pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities, ensuring that drug development processes comply with legal and ethical standards. 

Session 12: DNA, Oligonucleotide, and siRNA Delivery

This field focuses on developing innovative strategies for the effective delivery of genetic materials such as DNA, oligonucleotides, and small interfering RNA (siRNA). The objective is to enhance the targeted delivery of these nucleic acids into cells, overcoming barriers like cell membranes and ensuring their safe and efficient entry.

Session 13: Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

This specialized field is dedicated to developing effective methods for delivering drugs to the eyes to treat various ophthalmic conditions. The goal is to design delivery systems that enhance drug absorption, prolong therapeutic effects, and minimize side effects. Researchers explore formulations such as eye drops, gels, and sustained-release devices to address challenges like the rapid drainage of fluids and blinking reflex.

Session 14: Vaccine Delivery

Vaccine delivery focuses on the effective administration of vaccines to induce immunity against specific diseases. This interdisciplinary field combines immunology, microbiology, and drug delivery to optimize the design and delivery of vaccines. Researchers explore various delivery platforms, including traditional injections, microneedle patches, nasal sprays, and oral formulations.

Session 15: Devices, Cells, Molecular Biology, and Materials Science

This interdisciplinary field encompasses the convergence of devices, cells, molecular biology, and materials science to advance healthcare and biotechnology. Researchers in this domain focus on developing innovative devices and technologies that integrate biological components, such as cells and molecules, with advanced materials. The synergy of these disciplines facilitates the creation of cutting-edge medical devices, diagnostic tools, and therapeutic interventions.

Session 16: Drug Design

Drug design is a meticulous process of creating new pharmaceutical compounds with the aim of developing effective and safe medications. It involves a comprehensive understanding of the biological target, such as proteins or nucleic acids, associated with a particular disease. Researchers employ computational, structural, and biochemical approaches to design molecules that interact with these targets, modulating their activity to achieve therapeutic effects.

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